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The Devil's Rejects
Only Rob Zombie's sequel to his earlier HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES is an infinitely superior film. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is a true period piece, turning the villains of the first film into disturbingly identifiable antiheroes in the second. Now if only Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie would actually do autograph signings...

Bill Moseley, "Otis Driftwood," the "eldest brother" figure of the family.


Of course, no DEVIL'S REJECTS pictures would be complete without Sid Haig, the actor who portrays "Captain Spaulding."

Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting Sherri Moon Zombie, who plays Baby, she was kind enough to send me this autograph in the mail.

And then there's veteran actor/screenwriter William Forsythe, portraying the obsessive Ahab character, Sheriff John Quincy Wydell.

Ken Foree, who plays Charlie Altamont, was also one of the four stars of Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Michael Berryman, an actor with ectodermal dysplasia, famous for roles involving odd visages, played Clevon. Remember: he does not have sex with chickens.

E.G. Daily played Candy, one of Charlie Altamont's top earners.

Danny Trejo, famous character actor for playing tough guys, played Rondo, one of a pair of hired guns.



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