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The SAW films are also of great interest to me. I honestly believe that the trilogy as a whole is one of the best-written horror film franchises of recent history. Their attention to detail and continuity is beyond reproach.

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Tobin Bell, accomplished character actor of such works as "24" and  "The Sopranos" plays the inimitable mastermind, John Cramer, a.k.a. "Jigsaw":

Shawnee Smith, accomplished actress from THE BLOB (1988), as well as television's "Becker," and lead singer of the band Fydollaho, plays Amanda, Jigsaw's wayward apprentice:

Australian auteur Leigh Whannell, who plays "Adam" in the various films, also served as a writer of all three films.:

Mike Butters, who played the razor-wire victim from SAW I also returned to reprise the role in flashback in SAW V:


In the opening of SAW 2, the character of Michael is given an interesting challenge in a device called the Fly Trap. Noam Jenkins plays Michael.

"When you are in Hell, only the Devil can save you," as Obi learns, or rather fails to learn, in SAW 2, as played by Tim Burd.


Actress Beverley Mitchell, best known as "Lucy Camden" on the long-running TV series "7th Heaven," took a dark turn as the ill-fated "Laura" in SAW II:

J. LaRose plays Troy, caught in Jigsaw's (or is it Amanda's) latest trap, the Chain Room.

Debra McCabe bravely hung in there for two 14-hr. days of filming, as the victim of the Freezing Room trap..


Costas Mandylor, who plays Detective Hoffman is the heir-apparent to mantle of the late Jigsaw.

Actress Betsy Russell plays John Kramer's (Jigsaw's) ex-wife Jill Tuck, whose true intentions remain a mystery:



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